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“Importamos telas de uso de confección y para uso en la industria del colchón. Conocemos muy bien los precios y tipos de calidad que se manejan en el mercado, y le asesoramos para encontrar el proveedor y acuerdo que más le convenga”.

Industria del colchón

  • Tejido de punto
  • Tela Jacquard
  • Tela no tejida (TNT)
  • Tela Tricot
  • Tela Satin
  • Tela Poly Brushed
  • Tela Pongee
  • Golden Powder

Industria confección

  • Tela poplin
  • Tela fil a fil
  • Tela Oxford
  • Tela Velvet
  • Tela Seda
  • Tela de 200, 400, 600 hilos


  • Fieltro resinado
  • Agarraderas
  • Esquineras para colchones
  • Fibra siliconada virgen y reciclada
  • Aireadores
  • Fitines
  • Hilos
  • Patas para colchones
  • Cabeceras
  • Muebles de todo tipo

Tratamiento de telas

Aplica a tela de punta y tela Jacquard


Benefits of Bamboo Life; Very soft, nice touch; Instantly absorbs moisture; Naturally antibacterial; Bright look


As natural fiber, Tencel has the following advantages; It has the ability to absorb moisture; Air breathing and static contradicting; The feel of silk; Easy to dye; Strong and durable


Coolmax is the first choice produced by using the advanced technology and its breathing structure if the topic is sleep in the ideal microclimate conditions. Constant body temperature has a great importance for all the bodily functions. Coolmax is one of the 21. Century fiber and known as smart fabric. Coolmax fabrics have the feature of absorbing and transmitting the moisture and provides a constant body temperature and a comfortable sleep environment with its quality of soft and breathing texture. Coolmax fiber removes sweat from the skin through channels founded on the fiber and then spreads it to a large surface without feeling wet. Coolmax creates an ideal micro-climate environment that allows complete relaxation and comfort alongside ensuring to remain cool and dry of the skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a healing plant used frequently in old cultures for thousands of years. Aloe Vera is exactly rich in terms of vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and enzymes. Aloe Vera is very effective for wound and burn care on the skin and also has anti-aging effect. Aloe Vera contains elements that relieves sensitive skin and moistens the skin. It has the regenerative effect on the skin cells and the calming effect on skin inflammations and sensitive skins. The body cannot produce some of aminoacids consisting in Aloe Vera. The proteins that contribute to the new skin formation renew the collagen fibers of the skin. The Mattress Ticking containing Aloe Vera which is the healer power of the natüre Wrap your body as a second skin. It opens pores of skin by moistening and helps the skin breathe. Aloe Vera Mattress Ticking creates a relaxing and balmy sleep environment with its effect of loosening your skin.


Modal made of the beech tree is wholly natural and has the feature of moisture transferring and a very soft surface. Modal is the unique fiber having the quality of being softness for skin. Textile becomes hard in the process of time and dries skin and dry skin starts to blush and get irritation. Modal textile is skin friendly with its soft texture. Modal guarantees to adapt the skin and allows skin breathes. It provides dryness by absorbing quickly sweat on the skin. Modal is the softest fiber and fulfills the words that are said about. Modal offers to your skin ideal sleep environment with softness, purity and comfort that come from nature.


Olfaction works for 24 hours and it is unique sense that cannot be closed. Olfaction is one of the most important sense and located in the part of mind that affects emotions, memory and creativity. An environment’s being good or bad is evaluated simultaneously by the olfaction. Although the functions of the other senses are controlled, the olfaction is under the control of the environment. The odour in the environment is inevitably sensed in all breathes, in the other wordss, the odour of ambiance creates positive and negative effects in all breathing. Odours have the feature of affecting the feelings, thoughts and soul. Fragrances create some changes that improve both physical and psychological situations. Fragrance has the refreshing, exhilarating and well-being effects. Fabrics provide contribution improvement individually, mentally and physically during sleep.


Bedbugs live in night and are nourished with the human blood. They hide in the areas protected from light in the day. Their hiding areas are generally beds and bed bases but in time they may spread a larger area. Their hiding areas are exactly close to the human body. Bedbugs are active in order to bite the people when sleeping in the night. They pierce and suck the blood from the body. The bites are firstly not realized but then people realize the bites due to itching, blush and protuberance on the skin because of the sense of itching, skin problem with excessive scratching or scarring after healing problems can be occurred. The bite of bedbugs can be located anywhere on the body. Anti-bug ticking keep away the bedbugs from your beds with its special technology. Bedbugs cannot get close to the anti-bug ticking. So the vulnerable body is protected during sleep.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is manufactured from genetically unmodified plants and is produced without using the toxic substances such as chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton does not contain pesticides and harmful chemicals. The fabrics made from organic cotton are skin friendly, helathy and ecofriendly. Organic cotton is healthier for skin thanks to its pure an natural texture and breathability feature. People spend 1/3 of their lives asleep so they stay in touch with sleep materials such as beds, bedclothes, quilt, pillows and blanket for a long time. Organic cotton provides a natural sleep environment not consisting chemicals. The Mattress Ticking made of organic cotton reduces the risk of allergy on the skin that is body’s largest organ and protects it. Organic cotton reduces the risk of people’s breathing the detrimental chemicals when sleeping.


The advantages of linen: 1. Comfortable sleep thanks to its cooling effect.
2. Speckled and natural design.
3. 100% natural and eco-friendly.
4. Soft touch and superior comfort


The advantages of Cocotex: soft touch and smooth surface.
2. Environmental-friendly
3. Absorbs moisture, air permeable
4. Helps formation of smooth skin,brings elasticity into skin.
5. 100% natural.

Anti bacterial - Anti mites

The effective treatment against house dust mites and bacteria Mattresses are an ideal breeding ground for house dust mite During an average sleep of eight hours the human body produces a great deal of perspiration ,grease and skin scales, which form an ideal breeding ground for house dust mite and fungus. Anti-mites and anti-bacteria does not give house dust mite a chance Features and advantages of anti-mites and anti-bacteria; 1、A lasting protection against house dust mite fungus bacteria and allergens.
2、The mattress fabric remains protected right down to its deepest fibers
3、House dust mite fungus and unpleasant odors are eliminated
4、Longer life of the mattress


1.Very soft, nice touch 2.Eco-friendly. 3.Bright look



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